# Ottoman Vs SDK Comparison

This document outlines subtle differences between Ottoman and Node.js SDK and also demonstrate the value proposition (advantages) that Ottoman brings over Node.js SDK.

# Value Proposition

Data Integrity: Defining structure to data, validating data and enforcing constraints using lightweight code patterns.

# Cost

Open Source, secure, fully supported, less maintenance overhead, less infrastructure cost, extensible and can work with any Javascript or Typescript native application.

# Agile Development

Be a leader in your space, build and deliver applications quickly and timely. Spend your time solving business problems rather than coding.

# Adaptability

Minimal learning curve, resource with skill set available in abundance.

Feature Ottoman NodeJS SDK Value Prop Description
Schema, Constraints 🚫 Data Integrity Schemas and Constraints enables end users to control document shape.
Validators 🚫 Data Integrity Provides data quality.
Reference Types and Populate 🚫 Data Integrity Provides means to refer and populate referenced documents.
Scopes and collections Data Integrity Organize data enabling multi-tenancy and microservices.
Certificate Authentication Cost Sets up a secure channel between the application and the Couchbase server.
Document Expiry (TTL) Cost, Data Integrity Ensures documents get removed from a collection post expiry set.
Model Methods
🚫 Agile Development, Adaptability Provides methods to easily access documents.
Bootstrapping 🚫 Agile Development, Cost Establishes the connection, issues command to create scopes, collection and build indexes.
Audit Fields (Timestamp) 🚫 Agile Development Auto enables auditing of fields.
Refdoc Index 🚫 Data Integrity Empowers co-existence of non-key unique values.
Typescript, Javascript, Generics support Adaptability, Cost Written and supported in Javascript and Typescript.
Hooks 🚫 Agile Development, Data Integrity Asynchronous middleware components that perform actions before and after a document is mutated.
Plugins 🚫 Agile Development Reusable components that can be exported and used across multiple schemas.
Immutable 🚫 Agile Development, Data Integrity Ensures certain data fields remains unchanged.
Lean N/A Agile Development, Cost Save on resources when data integrity is not a concern.
Management API
Agile Development Improve tests provide basic functions to drop buckets,scopes and collections.
Query Builder 🚫 Agile Development, Adaptability Build, test and execute N1QL queries via Javascript and Typescript.
Bulk Operations 🚫 Agile Development Provides means to mutate multiple documents in a single operation.
Query Agile Development, Data Integrity Enables document to be accessed via Couchbase N1QL Query.
Search 🚫 N/A Currently Search is available only via N1QL Integration (opens new window).
Analytics 🚫 N/A Currently not available in Ottoman V2.
Field Level Encryption 🚫 N/A Currently not available in Ottoman V2.
Subdocument Operations 🚫 N/A Currently not available in Ottoman V2.
MapReduce Views 🚫 N/A Currently not available in Ottoman V2.
Transactions 🚫 N/A Currently not available in Ottoman V2.